Compassion for Healing | Holiday Workshops | December 9th *CT* & December 14th *NYC*


Yoga Therapy for transformational healing

Alexa practiced yoga for 12 years before leaving the United States to seriously study the roots of yoga and holistic healing in other parts of the world.

In her work, she brings the depth of her own experience and a fiercely analytical eye to build personal yoga programs that facilitate healing and lifestyle transformation.

Alexa's passion for integrating esoteric yogic wisdom with contemporary science is the foundation for her professional practice. She works internationally as a therapeutic yoga consultant, meditation guide,  and yoga teacher.

She is currently based in New York City.

Alexa worked as a therapeutic yoga consultant at the Agama Healing Center; it was an honor to have witnessed her growth in the field of therapeutic yoga. Seldom do I see teachers like her learning and integrating so well the deep knowledge of yoga and the therapeutic holistic approach. She has been and still is an inspiration for our entire team at the center. She is giving all her creativity, knowledge, dedication and love to her team, students and clients. I do believe that trusting her and following her guidance supports people to evolve and transform deeply. To borrow Ghandi's words, "She is the change we wish to see in the world."

Management, Agama Healing Center

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